((Hmmm. Just how to return and what to do.))

Eres culito :3

((Bien gracias<3))

((ANON. Please forgive me. I really welcome your asks but I’m just SO out of practice with this muse I might need to do a drabble before I can fully reply..;;;))

Anonymous sent:

You have been absent. As such, your reign is no longer absolute. MY reign is absolute.

Do I hear an echo of my voice? That one thinks they surpass I? Merely a shadow, and laughable at that.

[out of nowhere, a skype message from Mateus]
Emperor: My lady
Emperor: When are we having a child
Emperor: :l
Anonymous sent:

Please come back! Don't fade into the void....

To the void? Surely you must mock me. I am not as incompetent as Ex-Death nor that woman obsessed with the void.

I merely sought my solitude for the time being. 

Have I not always returned?

"The morrow will be laden with tasks; all the wiser to return to evening’s rest." She brushes a brief kiss to the Emperor’s cheek. "Good night, Mateus."

"Mm…My lady, I will be sure to get the rest you so require from I." Slowly, the Emperor shuts his eyes. "I bid you farewell for the eve."

Ah, it seems I’ve heard a whisper of my name. I am rather intrigued as to who is foolish enough to trifle with I.

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