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Mateus e-e


character: You cannot explain my love for this character ever. Ever. 

ship with: Rydia, Hilda, Sephiroth

brotp: Vayne Solidor

general opinions: Heuahdasjgh;gjdskga. His story isn’t fleshed out at all, but the rpers I’ve met have really done a great job! A few of the absolutely amazing Mateuses that I know are enperadorea and imperialmight — and of course the older palamecia!

….Don’t forget palamecianmelons.

Really. Don’t.

blog rate: 11/10

Oh wow! I’m really surprised that people still remember me after so long. I do appreciated that my portrayal of Emperor is still well after so long. Thank you <3))

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No! Don't drift away as if you were a dream, retiring into the darkness .. (Your sincerely talented and I enjoy this blog a lot!)

Surely you jest. The Labyrinth shall call to me, but ah…I will not heed it.

My moment of glory shall soon arise. Patience is truly needed.

(Aw thank you so much! It’s just really hard to pop back u__u; because I’m so shy as Emperor in the indie community.)

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"I’ve no desire to be awake at such a terrible hour. Surely your presence will lure me to slumber, hm?"

Lure him to slumber…?

"I wonder what you mean. And all aside, the hour is not so terrible."

"Mmm…My lady, I desire to hear naught but your voice. It soothes me."

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Muse: Dreams

It’s foolish to say that dreams are everlasting. You have ambitions and you have desires. Dreams crumble within the palm of your hand. They represent nothing but idleness. You are stuck. This is what the Emperor had desired. He wished for a dream that be everlasting, so would that make him a fool?

Within the Labyrinth he lay, deep within asleep for his magicks to conjure. He bent the fabric of reality inside of this Labyrinth so that he may continue to have an everlasting rule. As the eternal child once said when he met paths with this man, 

"You are a fool…to wish for what has already fallen. I pity you.”

Dreams of grandeur is what he desired. There he still sat upon his throne. Ruling just as he desired.

He says that he is a misanthrope, but he is more human than he believes. Perhaps even then he dreams of a better time. A time before he became possessed of when his rule was simple and kind. Yet poison took hold and slowly took control.

The Emperor dreams of many things and of many desires.

But only a fool will dream the dreams he has.